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Diana Dunlea is a holistic nutritionist, fitness expert, wellness coach - based out of Southern California. Diana’s nutrition and wellness company grew out of her passion for health and the science of nutrition and overall wellness.

Driven by the desire to help her clients, and her own experiences and curiosity, she studies the newest research, evaluates competing theories and constantly continuing her education on nutrition, fitness, and overall wellness. Most importantly, she uses that knowledge to make individualized recommendations for all her clients. She specializes in balancing a healthy lifestyle, balancing metabolic health, and lowering inflammation.

Guided by a feasible and always optimistic approach, Diana helps clients improve their health, achieve their goals and develop sustainable habits to live a healthy and balanced life.

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Delivers high quality organic and pasture raised meats directly to my home at a good price. As a busy woman delivery makes my life so much easier without compromising taste and clean quality.

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My favorite place to get all my pantry staples directly to my door at a good price. My current favorite is the beef grass fed chomps and the thrive market collagen powder.

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For any questions or comments please feel free reachout. Talk to you soon!